Features & Achievements

We are always very proud and humbled when we get featured. Each feature is a reminder that we are progressing in the right direction and that our dreams are starting to turn into reality each day. It is also evidence of all the love and support that we are getting from everyone.

For this, we are truly appreciative and grateful always. We have listed these features and achievements below and we hope to keep adding more to this list.

Podcast Features

Podcasts are always really engaging and an honour for us to be a part of. We find it a lovely way to share our views and enjoy great conversations with great minded individuals out there. 


Website Features

We thank the owners of these websites for taking the time and effort to feature us and share them with their followers. 


Tamil Murasu Feature 03/21/2021

We are very humbled to share that we have been featured on Tamil Murasu, Singapore. It is our pleasure to have been featured as a part of an important survey that talks about the ease of having Tamil available within our society.

The article is also available online for you to enjoy. We thank Tamil Murasu and Editor Mr. Vengadeshwaran. 

Entrepreneurs on Fire on Radio Masti 24 * 7 Live - Jan 19 2021

I am happy and proud to share another interview session that we were a part of. This segment of "Entrepreneurs on Fire", by Radio Masti 24*7, was aired live on Jan 19th 2021, and was featured on their Facebook page as well as their YouTube Channel.

Missed the live session? Take a look at the replay below


This was indeed a fun session because it gave me a chance to reflect on the turbulence that 2020 put on us, and the journey that we took to overcome it and emerge stronger. It also reminds me of all the wonderful support I have been receiving to make this happen. Thank you Renuka and Radio Masti for this lovely opportunity.

Thank you all for watching and I hope that you enjoyed the segment also

entrepreneur journey interview

Tamil WomenOpreneur Series - Nov 30, 2020

It was a great honour and our pleasure to be able to share our thoughts on one of the many sessions of the தமிழ் WomenOpreneurs Global Visibility Program. We had a fun discussion of the ABCs of Learning the Tamil language starting right at home.

What an interesting and engaging conversation. We sure hope that you enjoy this session with us as well.

Thank you GoGlobal Business School, Singapore for this wonderful opportunity.

Oli 96.8 Segment on வணக்கம் சிங்கை - July 11, 2019

It was a great honour to be featured on Oli 96.8 as part of their வணக்கம் சிங்கை segment on July 11 2019. It was a great session where we share insights and tips on how families can help their children with introductory Tamil. Feel free to check out the replay below for more details. Thank you Mohd. Rafi and Oli 96.8 for this great opportunity.


iVenture DreamCatcher Entrepreneurship Award - June 2019

June started off with a lot of excitement for me at Tamil for Kids. A few weeks ago, I had applied to be considered for the Entrepreneurship Award to be given by a joint venture of Zee TV and iVenture. I honestly enjoyed filling out the application because after a long time, it gave me a chance to truly reflect on the growth of the business, and to see how far my passion has grown over the years.

To my pleasant surprise, I was selected as one of the 40 winners and invited to attend a 2 day workshop alongside all the other award winners.


My goodness! What a lovely and exciting two days I had.

I mean it has been ages since I attended back to back classes, and I was wondering how it would be. However, not only did I learn amazing things about negotiation, business tricks, persuasion, social media and so much more - but I met a lot of lovely people who are in different phases of their business lifecycle.

We even had a music session! You would be surprised how synchronizing a musical ensemble resembles our business world and life in general. It was truly a fun activity that marked a great end to the first day.

It was truly an inspiring two days and I am surely glad that I was offered this opportunity. It gave me a newfound inspiration to soar even higher in years to come.

It also showed me that there are other business owners like me - going through the excitement that I am, and the difficulties that I encounter as well. It gives you a sense of assurance that you are not alone, and that you can do anything that you would want to. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this fantastic moments with all of you. If you are having your own business, be sure to spend some time with amazing productive minds to uplift yourself and to bring in new ideas to your endeavours. Also the highlights of the workshop was aired on Zee TV as well. 

I would like to once again thank everyone for this amazing opportunity and also thank my fans, visitors and customers for always being a great support as we continue to grow everyday. All your kind words and satisfaction certainly provide us with the drive to soar even higher.